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  • Background Information
    March 2020

    Victorian EPA Review of Potential Health Impacts

  • Proposal Information
    12 December 2019

    Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements

  • Media Release
    12 December 2019

    Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements Released

  • Community Engagement
    November 2019

    Community Workshop Notes

  • Background Information
    November 2019

    Overseas Examples

  • Proposal Information
    13 November 2019

    Proposal Scoping Report

  • Proposal Information
    October 2019

    The Planning Process

  • Media Release
    11 October 2019

    Community Engagement Underway

  • Proposal Information
    October 2019

    Video on the Proposal (5 minutes)

  • Proposal Information
    3 October 2019

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Proposal Information
    3 October 2019

    Proposal Brochure

  • Proposal Information
    3 October 2019

    Fact Sheet on the Proposal

  • Media Release
    3 October 2019

    Proposal Announcement

  • Proposal Information
    3 October 2019

    Video on the Proposal (2 minutes)

Most Asked Questions




This document contains answers to some early questions we believe people may ask about the proposal. As part of our community engagement, and we are committed to answering all of the community’s questions.

These questions are grouped under several headings:

Section 1: The proposal
Section 2: Waste in Sydney
Section 3: Technology
Section 4: Overseas examples
Section 5: Visual appearance
Section 6: The location
Section 7: Air
Section 8: Project cost, jobs and construction
Section 9: Energy
Section 10: Planning approvals
Section 11: Community engagement and investment

If your question is not here – please ask by contacting us at:

Ph: 1800 97 37 72

Email: [email protected]

Or on the website:

Section 1 - The Proposal

Section 2 - Waste in Sydney

Section 3 - Technology

Section 4 - Overseas examples

Section 5 - Visual appearance

Section 6 - The location

Section 7 - Air

Section 8 - Costs, jobs, construction

Section 9 - Energy

Section 10 - Planning approvals

Section 11 - Community engagement and investment

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